A5 Inserts
A5 Inserts
A5 Inserts
A5 Inserts
A5 Inserts

A5 Inserts

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Scribbles That Matter is proud to introduce the Sleeve + Insert product line. You have been asking for us to offer numerous paper versions in different colours and we had to go to the drawing board to create something completely new. Something that not only solves the issue of you finally having a journal of your dreams but also is fun to use.

Carry this around...
People who journal live a life well lived. And that means travelling, planning, recording events, making life goals and that needs a journal that can be with you any where when inspiration strikes. This journal was made for that! The sleeve is made of high quality robust vegan leather that is water proof. That means neither the oil and sweat from your palms fades away the colours and the pages inside are well protected :)

We know of that feeling when we need a ruler to draw that long vertical line but not having one around. Or when we want to carry around but realised we left it in the drawer at home. Or how about when inspiration strikes and there is no pen around to scribble! Well worry no more. You will have ample space to store your pens, markers, rulers, stickers, washi tape (flat-only), cards etc. Oh yeah, the sleeve does have 2 bookmarks so you can go straight to where you left off without going through the pages like a cashier. (Don't lick your fingers Kelly.... I can see you)

How about that....
We all know bujo is all about you and your personality. But all those creative scribbles are tucked away inside the journal for your eyes only. How about personalising the cover of the journal with art that makes it truly unique for you. Or doodles that summarise highlights of the year? Not creative enough? How about quotes that inspire you every time you open up your journal? You can literally put anything on there.

We know you take your Bullet - Journal seriously.....
Come on, we put so much love and effort into it. That's why we made the inserts with high quality paper that doesn't ghost, bleed, feather or smudge. 5mm dots are crisply printed on the pages and yes each page is pre-numbered so you don't have to do it yourself. You simply start bujo-ing! Don't forget you can grab one of our Dual Tip brush markers to really go at it :)

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