We are STM (which stands for Scribbles That Matter) - a small team in the UK who been making premium notebooks + planners for the journaling community across the world since 2016. Our journals have a reputation for being an absolute joy to use, and we think that’s because we pour heart and soul into making them that way. We care about the details that make a difference, and everything we do has the intention of helping more people tap into the power of putting pen to paper. 
We get it: trying to decide which notebook to buy is more difficult than naming your first-born. The truth is, there are a LOT of awesome stationery brands out there (and if we weren’t so biased, we’d have a tricky time deciding, too). 
When you purchase an STM journal, you’re not just buying a journal from a brand with a reputation for excellent quality: you’re also joining the STM family.

There really is nothing quite like the feel of your pen gliding across the paper, and seeing your story unfold as you flip through the pages. With each page you fill, more clarity, creativity, and calmness come into your life. (We like to think of a journaling practice as a windscreen wiper for your brain - out with the muddy thoughts, in with a fresh perspective).
At STM, we're passionate about creating products and resources that help you get more from your journaling practice - whether your style is minimal or messy, artistic or rustic (or all of the above, even on the same day - no judgement). We believe that journals deserve so much more than to be abandoned in a drawer: they should be overflowing with scribbles to the very last page. (Haven't you noticed that every epic story starts with a scribble?)