About US
Scribbles That Matter (STM) is a premium stationery brand based in the UK with customers worldwide. STM has become one of the fastest growing and recognisable brands in the world of journaling. This growth comes from an obsession with producing innovative and value-adding products and a strong relationship with its community. We strive hard to create stationery that help people get to know who they are, put ideas to action and tap their incredible potential.  

Our Story

It was a beautiful British summer day in 2013, when Faisal Durrani, an introvert at heart, found out his laptop broke down and with it his entire PhD thesis was gone! As the panic set in, he realised there were scores of notebooks, journals, note pads, and old warped sticky notes around his desk. He had been scribbling in them throughout his PhD journey which were enough to bring back to life his entire thesis. PhD - rescued, anxiety-kicked out the door, hooray!

In the next 3 years he fell in love with self-improvement and started setting goals for himself which he continued to scribble. It was the act of writing things down that led him to making them a reality. He soon realised all these scribbles.... they matter!

This is where 'Scribbles That Matter' was born. The concept was simple; instead of making just stationery, the aim was to make beautiful, modern and functional stationery products that would help improve people's lives. Today, Scribbles is a team of passionate professionals with raving fans across the world. We make our fans part of our design team and listen carefully to their feedback. This approach has been successful as products across our collection has won acclaim amongst the journaling community
if we dare say so ourselves ;)
Ever wonder how smartphones became part of us? Part of our identity? Something that we have to carry around with us? Smartphones have been great in connecting us to the world this past decade. However, in the process, we got disconnected from ourselves. That's what we want to change. Journaling is the best form of conversing with your mind. We want to strive for a future where carrying a journal is just as important as carrying a smartphone. Enough of exploring influencers on the internet. It's time to explore yourself!