Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner
Productive Weeks Planner

Productive Weeks Planner

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A6 4.1 x 5.8 10.4 x 14.7
B6 5 x 7 12.7 x 17.8
A5 5.75 x 8.5 14.5 x 21
B5 7 x 10  17.8 x 25.4

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📕SIMPLE, OVERWHELM-FREE PLANNER: A work planner that has people singing its praises after experiencing its effects on their work and mental wellbeing. Requires just 5 minutes of your time each day to organise your mind, and see the benefits from the first week. (Plus...the more you use it, the more organised you’ll feel!).

✍️ CLARIFY YOUR PRIORITIES & ACHIEVE MEANINGFUL GOALS, WEEKLY: You don’t need to ‘do more’ to be productive: rather, focusing on a FEW key things can really help guide you towards the life you want to live. The weekly priorities section is made just for that, and is simple - but incredibly powerful.

⌛ ‍STAY FOCUSED & GET INTO FLOW, DAILY: Eliminate distractions, stop procrastinating and dedicate each day to working deeply on significant projects in the daily section. This will help you feel less overwhelmed, and start the day feeling clear and confident about your priorities.

💪 HABIT TRACKER: It’s true: your habits determine your future. Hold yourself accountable, and take care of the things that are important to you. Track things like working out, eating out, repeating work tasks etc. in a dedicated habit tracker section each week. Don’t rely on willpower alone: create long-lasting habits that move you forward.

📝 WEEKLY BLANK PAGE: The blank page accompanying every week is perfect for braindumps, taking notes during Zoom meetings, tracking work tasks, and exploring ideas. Time-saving horizontal/vertical page guides help if you want to divide the page into halves.

👀 YOUR WEEK, AT A GLANCE: The unique landscape design allows you to glance over the entire week without the inconvenience of flipping through pages day after day. Switch between the weekly dashboard and blank dotted page by simply flipping it over.

🧠󠁡󠁲󠁴󠁿 UNDATED FOR FLEXIBILITY (NO WASTED PAPER): Undated pages mean there’s no wasted paper. Use for an entire year, with 55 sheets made from acid-free 120gsm paper (not so thin your ink bleeds, not so thick it’s bulky). Spiral binding ensures true 360-degree flat-lay.

✒️ FREE BLACK FINELINER: Is it just us that can never find a pen when we need one? We’ve got you covered! The planner comes with a premium quality black fineliner that’s a dream to write with. It can be stored in the robust spiral binding, so it’s ready to go when inspiration strikes.

📚 THERE IS MORE THAT MEETS THE EYE: We’ve carefully honed this planner over numerous iterations to construct the most efficient planner based on numerous productivity books, scientific studies, mindset mentors and law of attraction ideas.

✍️ YOUR ANALOG TOOL IN DIGITAL CHAOS: Digital productivity platforms are only good as long as the tab is open (switch tabs, and productivity is out the window). This planner is intentionally sized at 16x28.5cm / 6.3x11.2in, and will sit perfectly just under your screen.

Invest just 5min planning your day

This small act of intention sets the tone for productivity, focus, and purpose. It not only streamlines your tasks but also amplifies your mental clarity. Make every minute count. Start your days on a proactive note.

100k+ Sold

5 star reviews

52+ weeks

Weekly priorities

Start the week right. Get clarity on what's important so you can execute on what will genuinely help you progress.

habit tracker

Embrace consistency, turn goals into daily actions, and watch as progress becomes a lifestyle. Start transforming your dreams into reality with each check mark.

Daily focus section

Outline your goals each day, ensuring that your energy is channelled towards what truly matters. Make every day count towards your success story.

Weekend rejuvenation

Transform your weekends into mini-vacations or productive powerhouses with our dedicated weekend plan section. Take control of your time off, and craft weekends that work for you.



I've used it for two weeks. It keeps me focused. Phone reminders are good. But, as a writer, this keeps me on point. One for work, buying another for my Instagram account, exercise, etc

Yukon (US)

I’m only one week in but I love this thing. I like how it’s not focused just on what meetings I have and when… but allows me to track whatever I need to remember

Sara Phillips (US)

The pages are thick and pens do not bleed through the paper. It came packaged in a beautiful storage box with a felt pen that I'm already obsessed with. I'd give it ten stars if I could.

Jessica Rasdall (US)

I can write out my schedule weeks in advance, noting regular or specific appointments/meetings. So far I am 2 weeks in and happy with the purchase!

Molly (US)

So glad I made this purchase! High quality, paper weight is nice. Using markers and it’s not bleeding through. Bring on the organization!

Christy Barker (US)

experience the power of one sheet

premium, bleed-proof paper

With 54 pristine sheets, our planner comfortably carries you through an entire year.

Double-Duty Packaging

An elegant gift box that makes our planner the perfect present and also serves as a chic storage solution.

Included Fineliner Pen

Elevate your planning experience from the get-go with our sleek, high-quality black fineliner pen.

Embrace the rhythm of life

one week at a time

Live a life of intention, one fulfilling week after another.

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